Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Officer, CUFF Me...Please!

Sew...I DO have some good stories about thinkin I'd be cuffed by
an officer on my cross country trek to Texas,
but I'll save that for another time.  ;)

I must say though, I have been obsessing about cuffs. A much
softer & much more beautiful kind of a cuff...
a Gorgeous Fabric Cuff Bracelet.

I've been wanting to make one for ever sew long. I love the one's made of
Leather & Lace & always think of the Stevie Nicks & Don Henley song
when I hear those two words together, but since I had no leather
mine would be made of scraps of fabric & lace.

Looking through my Jewelry Love Board on Pinterest, I saw a sweet
& simple cuff tutorial by Vintiquites Workshop & it inspired
me to get all my tiny bits & pieces of vintage love out
& try something new.

Here's the lovely cuff made by Thespoena McLaughlin & her awesome
TUTORIAL. Thank you SEW much for sharing this with us, your words
were just what I needed to guide me through these uncharted waters.

What I loved about her method was that all that it takes is some
scraps & a needle & thread. I also used some fabric glue
just to secure any loose frays of fabric.

I ADORE the way my cuff turned out & enjoyed making it so much,
I'm sure this will be my NEW jewelry craze for the moment!

Sew, like I said...Officer CUFF me, PLEASE!!! LOL



trash talk said...

That officer's last name wouldn't be Grey would it? LOL
Gorgeous Susie Q...just gorgeous!

red.neck chic said...

Debbie! You stole what I was gonna say!!! Now you AND SusieQ need to be cuffed with one of these GORGEOUS creations!!! I will be watching and will throw my name in the cuff when I see the one that needs to be on my wrist. Oh yes... I will...


Dianne said...

It's beautiful! So romantic... I've just put away all my sewing projects because I got the urge to paint... Seems I have follow through problems...

Unknown said...

ADORABLE!!!!! I am absolutely in love with these!!!!! I'd let an officer cuff me with these anyday !;)


Charlene said...

Do I see pieces from those HUGE bins we dug through at Warrenton?? Oh how much fun was that. Do you know I have never found those women again. I don't know if they didn't come back or IF I am just a lost looser...

LOVE the cuff!!! Sandy made one for all of us last year but, I seldom wear it. I should get it out. AND... I bought the kit from Diane Cook (leather in that one) & never made it. SHAME!!!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Your cuff turned out so wonderfully! LOVE IT! You did an amazing job on it and I love that it's all tattered and blingy. So glad you made use of my tut and can't believe I haven't seen this till now. Hugs!