Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vintage Studio Love...

Greetings Sweet Friends,
Want to come on a tour with me & see what's in the studio?
Well here it is, my tiny bedroom studio high in the mountains
of Southern California, in our little mountain home.

Some of my favorite things are in this room,
little treasures I've gotten from here & there.

An old end table hubby found on the side of the road looking just
like this, a perfect place to keep my favorite Stampington Magazines.

One of my KC Willis collages I made for myself,
using an image of her much beloved Annie Oakley,

& a vintage baby book from 1910 that still has baby hair in it.

My desk & chair...the chair I got at a thrift store in Santa Monica
& the desk came from my shop, I love all the big drawers.

Who doesn't love a rusty, old garden chair in the house?

An issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine that I was
featured in has a place of honor on my desk...

along with everything old, tarnished & SILVER.

Soldered pieces I've been working on...

an old light fixture I attached a vintage door knob to...

some rusty old scissors...

chandelier drops of all kinds...

my crystal pen & pencil holder &

a tray with a baby's vintage silver mirror & brush set, so yummmy.

A little piece of green ceiling tin & my favorite Brighton clock...

along with flower frogs, old tintypes & vintage baby shoes.

My brother Johnny peeks over my shoulder as I work & the TV rests on
an empty sewing machine cabinet covered with ceiling tin.

I LOVE this antique armoire, not only for what it can hold,
but also for the richness in color it gives to this mostly white room.

The tulip carving is beautiful.

On either side of the armoire are a couple of my favoritest ceiling tiles
I got in Round Top, Texas, they'll need to bury me with those. lol

I used this cabinet in my shop, 'Lambs & Ivy'. It made many 'cute as pie'
displays & now holds some of my containers of buttons & beads &
miscellaneous, important goodies.

Every shelf, box & tin filled with something I adore...

like this vintage, tinted photograph of a little girl feeding a lamb
a bottle, while standing next to an ivy covered tree.
Thumpty, thump, thump.

 Old jewelry boxes filled with bobbles...

a french grain sack...

my fabulous Texas tin...

& a vintage, mirrored, silver tray filled with business cards & such.


especially these cherished doilies I went crazy for on my  last trip to Round Top.
My Gal Pals & I must have dug through stinky, old doilies for hours...
I was in HEAVEN!!!

Flying home on the airplane, I carried them with me in this vintage suitcase,
they'll have to bury me with these too I think. ;)

Doesn't having a little space to call your own make all the
difference in the world! Just a spot to gather your favorite
things & be able to glance at them as you walk by.
It makes me smile! 



Cynthia said...

Well, your space may be small, but it's wonderful. Love the tulips on the armoire. I can't help but notice, we did not get to peek inside the armoire! Lots of secrets in there, no doubt!

gretchen said...

I want to thank you for NOT painting that lovely old antique armoire!
Your studio is lovely and much neater than mine will ever be! Thanks for sharing ~

Alice said...

What a wonderful studio and fabulous treasures!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

what a gorgeous space to create! I adore that lovely armoire and all your other treasures! Thanks for sharing!

bead addict said...

Thank you for the tour of your studio! It's lovely. How nice to see all your curiosities and treasures . I love your armoire and the baby book from 1910 is charming.

Becky Pancake said...

Awesome studio space.