Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To Shower or Not To Shower

To shower or not to shower, that is the question! I know,
what a stupid & silly question that is...of course
the only sane answer is to shower. Or is it!
Now maybe my aversion to showering can be blamed on being
born in the 'PSYCO' generation. Having seen that movie 100's
of times, it does prove a frightening fact... that you are
quite vulnerable while alone in the  shower. ;)
But I can't use that excuse, although I think it's a pretty
good one! No, I have many reasons I have this daily
dialog in my head...what a waste of killing
perfectly good brain
cells, right.
Most people would never admit this to the world, but since
I've decided to write what ever I want on my blog & I just
don't give a shit about what anyone thinks,
I'm sharing one of my secret quirks.
When I was younger & probably most of my life, I did shower
every day. I was an active child, involved in many sports which
makes sense that I'd need a bath everyday. In my 20's & 30's
I always loved to have my hair freshly done & my basic
make-up on just to go about my usual life. In my 40's, which
I think were the best years of my life, I started to shower
every other day or so. The main reason I did this was because
I always liked my hair best the 2nd or 3rd day. Now in my
50's & headed to 60, I have to say...I Hate taking a shower!
Hate it!! To me, it's a complete waste of time & there are
SOOOOO many other things I'd rather be doing then that.
I know, I'm such a fucking weirdo!!!
I like to blame this fact truly on genetics. The Brewer side
of my family has DRY skin...I mean seriously dry skin. We
lack oil of any kind on our skin & hair. I remember when
my grandmother was in her later years, she would cry when
she was made to take a bath. Now that my Dad is 80, his
aversion to bathing has him at a once every few weeks
schedule...ha,ha, ha. And now with me, I'm running on
a couple times a week...completely gross, right.
Since this bathing phenomenon has me thinking & feeling
like such a loser, I decided to do some research on bathing
to see if I'm completely alone in my ideology.
Here's what I found...
               1. If you take daily showers, you may be doing more harm to your body
                than good. A new study shows that bathing too often is actually
really bad for your skin & hair.
               2. You are also washing away good bacteria that naturally helps your skin. 
               3.  "Cleansing Reduction" is a new trend that happens to leave you with
               better hair and skin. This means bathing only once a week to stop
         stripping the skin and hair of essential oils and good bacteria.
               4. Eco friendly, a great way to save water & to create a smaller
Eco Footprint.
OMG...I may be on to something here!!! :))))
Basically it seems that a large part of the NEED for showering
has to do with your lifestyle & where you live. I live in southern
California, which happens to be in a HUGE drought. I also live
on a mountain top where the average weather is dry & cool. I am
not as active as I know I should be, I spend most of my time
inside creating whatever it is that I decide to make that day. I am
a constant hand washer because I HATE getting sick! {I actually
had a flu shot this year & have not had a cold all season, even
being surrounded by a sick husband, daughter & grandchild.}
I am completely anal, even in the most literal term & don't go
to the bathroom without using wipes on EVERYTHING!
There you go...WAY to much information about ME!! lol
That's what I said, Susie tells her truths & talks about what's
on her mind, politically correct or not!
I guess this post is geared towards the other dirty people
in the world. As James Taylor says...'Baby, you've got a friend.'
You are not alone, I feel you. And for the haters, just keep
this in mind...Prince Harry says he hasn't washed his hair
for 2 years, so I'm doing GOOD! ;)
Loved this article on the Mother Nature Network
Peace Out...
Simply Susie

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Alice said...

Our family has all kinds of skin conditions thanks to my dad. As I get older I can go several days without a shower. The old timers had it right by bathing once a week. You are not alone.